Who We Are & What We Do


kiloWatt Partners or Kilowatt is an independent energy consulting firm providing commercial and residential consumers access to the most competitive electric rates from dependable electricity providers.

Using our bargaining power, we secure the most competitive rates to meet your needs.

kiloWatt offers solar system Evaluations/Architectural Reviews for Homeowners Associations.  

Our Mission

kiloWatt’s top priority is to provide the best rates available to meet your needs via a user-friendly process. Our process is enabled by transparency, an understanding of your usage, and knowledge of which provider best meets your needs.

Bringing value to our clients

Commercial Clients

We help clients purchase electricity at the lowest rate and best terms available by securing competitive quotes from retailers and guiding you on when to execute a contract and with which retailer.

Utility Management Services – kiloWatt’s UMS Program makes it easy for you to understand energy rates and its impact on your cost structure. kiloWatt matches your risk tolerances with your profit goals.

UMS offers our Electricity Analysis Report to analyze your electricity bills, explain where your money is going, and provide strategic recommendations aligned to your goals. We will also negotiate the best energy plans available for your business.

For our HOA’s clients kiloWatt helps to make the solar proposal process simple.  


With access to thousands of energy plans, kiloWatt’s residential group, CompareElectric.com, can lower residential electricity bills by as much as 30 percent. Residents with 20,000-kilowatt (kWh) usage can save a minimum of $600 a year by securing a rate 3-cents per kWh lower than their current rate.

Visit CompareElectric.com to access lower than published energy rates and an easy one-step rate comparison.

What our customers are saying

Sherri Schmoekel, PCAM
SBB Management

“I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much SBB Management Company (SBB) appreciates the efforts of Kilowatt Partners.  Your tax recovery program has made SBB look so good to our clients!

You’ve done work now for more than thirty percent (30%) of the associations we manage and recovered amounts ranging from a few hundred dollars to more than $17,000 – a total of almost $120,000 in all!  Our associations are delighted with your services and with SBB for working with you to get them these refunds.

You’ve made a believer out of SBB.  Please keep up the good work!”


Company foundation and our first steps

We have got the first projects in 2006. The local government asked us to redesign the public library due to the modern tendency.
Since that time, after that project, we decided to take into work only the big projects. The reason is professional growth across the non-standard solution for any degree of complexity.

Team and leadership

We are a professional team of engineers with more than 500 incredible projects under our belt. That is why we are not afraid of new courageous ideas in the unknown area. Big spaces are our priority.
We use only modern materials, ecological wood and the last building methods in our projects. A lot of projects around the world and in difficult places. Get ready to use practice solution in the stylish designs.

Robert Howard

Engineering for general planing for wooden rooms.


Taylor Wilson

Engineering for general planing for wooden rooms.


Luis Maxwell

Engineering for general planing for wooden rooms.


Ken Ferguson

Engineering for general planing for wooden rooms.


Edward Elliott

Engineering for general planing for wooden rooms.


Josh Wagner

Engineering for general planing for wooden rooms.


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